East West Patel Nagar Hot Stone Body Massage

East West Patel Nagar – Hot Stone Massage Service

Welcome to East West Patel Nagar massage center. In our East – West Patel Nagar center we provide all types of massages such like: Special Hot Stone massage, full body to body massage, female to male body massage, male to female body massage, Thai massage, etc. We provide all services on very reasonable prices. We provide high class services in East – West Patel Nagar. In our East – West Patel Nagar, our therapist is expert in to give Hot Stone Massage. Hot stone massage gives you relaxation and reduce your stress. There are 2 types of doing Hot Stone massage: first is our expert therapist placing the warm stones on your body. Second is our expert therapist use heated stones as an extension of their own hands. The heat helps to provide deep relaxation and warm up the tight muscle. Hot Stone helps to heat the body that cans our therapist work quickly and easily. Hot Stone massage is very different from other massages. It seems very useful to our body. It also depends on the therapist that they how much known about the Hot Stone Massage. The stones are flat and smooth. They also knew as basalt. The stones usually warmed by placing in hot water. After they warm up, they placed on the body parts such like: the stomach, back, hands, feet, face. Hot Stone massage service is also available for 4/5/7 stars luxury hotels and for high class homes also. We also provide the facility to select the masseurs as per your comfort. For out call or in call services you have to take booking for massage. Our all masseurs are very soft spoken and also they are very friendly. They give you the best massage. They have excellent communication skills. They have amazing outfits to wear. We strongly take care of your security and privacy. We never share our confidential and personal information to anyone.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

• It helps to relief the pain in body.
• It is very helpful to reduce and manage stress level.
• It helps to reduce anxiety.
• It helps to increased joint flexibility.
• It helps to reduce the joint paint.
• It helps to promote better and stressful sleep.
• It may also help to boost immunity.
• It helps to improve your blood circulation.
• Our body feels energetic through Hot Stone Massage.
• It helps to reduce mental stress.
• It’s also help to reduce physical stress as well.
• Hot stone heat helps you to relax your muscles.
• It helps to comfort and warmth the sense.
• It may also help to decreasing cancer signs.

Tips to remember:

Before taking the Hot Stone Massage, you have to make sure that you don’t have any disease. If you have any diseases please don’t take the massage or if you want to take, please consult with your doctor, expertise of the massage and the therapist. You will have to make sure what type of the massage you want to take. And which one suits with your medical condition. Don’t take risk for your own body. Your safety is our priority.