Connaught Place Female Thai Massage Service

Connaught Place Female Thai Full Body Massage

Connaught Place Massage center, all types of massage like: Thai full body massage, Female to male massage, male to female massage, body to body massage, couple to couple massage, hot stone body massage by our decent masseurs. Connaught place one of the high class places in Delhi NCR. Our Connaught place massage center is famous for our Thai Massage. This massage is very different from other massages. You have to take this massage once in your life. The Thai massage experience is so difference. Our connaught place female Thai masseurs are well trained. They all are very friendly and soft spoken. Their dress code is also very different. They wore Thai style dresses during this massage. Massage starts with; you have to lie down to a mat or a bed in a separate room. First we wash your feet and perhaps oiled with jasmine lotion. Then we wash your feet by warm water for remove the dust and immediately covered your feet with a towel and leave for drying. In the start of the massage you feel very relax and comfortable. We give you a Thai massage outfit. It contains top and a pair of trouser, it seems very beautiful. The outfits are very comfortable. It’s made by Thai silk. Thai massage is not about the soothing oil or rubbing the body. It’s started with loosen your muscles up. Our masseurs use her full body to contort into shapes. Your back will click. She will climb on the top of you and hold your hands behind your head. While she will trying to snap your spine in half. She will hold your arms and bend on your knees. It will leave you feeling relax and amazing. After the massage it will be end by head rubbing. Then we give you some time and you have to lying down and get relaxed. After this you will fell fresh and energetic. Thai yoga massage reduces the pain of stress. It is very different and best massage ever. This service is also available for high class homes.

Benefits of Thai Massage:

• It helps to reduce anxiety.
• Thai massage provides relaxation to our body and our mind as well.
• It helps to boost energy.
• After taking the massage we feel fresh and energetic.
Connaught place Thai massage is based on yoga so it’s also helpful to increase concentration.
• It helps to relive the body pain.
• It helps to protect the heart cells from damage cause by any disease.
• It helps to control cholesterol level.
• It helps to reduce headache.
• It helps to strengthen leg and arm.
• It helps to increase flexibility.
• It helps to enhance mood.
• It helps to improve body posture.
• It helps to maintain balance.
• It also helps to improve emotional balance.
• It helps to gain mental clarity.
• It helps to calm and clear your mind.

Tips before taking Thai Massage:

• Firstly, you have to consult with your doctor and expert therapist about your health condition.
• Choose the registered and faithful connaught place SPA or Massage center before taking Thai massage.
• Tell the therapist to reduce the stretch in your body parts, if you have pain in your back or body.
• After getting Thai massage, do not take shower and do not eat something for two hours.
• After getting the Thai massage, you have to laying down or take sleep to maintain energy flow.