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Sarita Vihar Body Massage Home Service We provide services of Full Body to Body Massage by our female staffs. Our female masseurs are very trained and talented to give you a royal and relax treatment. A full body massage contains at least 50 minute. We provide you massage of all majour part of the body like hands, legs, back, feets, arms, shoulders and neck etc. Our masseurs are very hygienic and clean.


Sarita Vihar Full Body Massage


Time DurationIn CallOut CallIn CallOut Call
1 HourRs.15,000Rs.20,000$ 224$ 300
1,1/2 HoursRs.20,000Rs.25,000$ 300$ 375
2 HoursRs.25,000Rs.30,000$ 375$ 450
3 HoursRs.30,000Rs.35,000$ 450$ 525
Dinner Date POARs.35,000Rs.40,000$ 525$ 600
OverNigthRs.40,000Rs.45,000$ 600$ 675
Full DayRs.60,000Rs.65,000$ 900$ 1000

You are getting a body massage if you have any problem area, that’s need extra attention. Our massage rooms are very neat and clean. Our all masseurs are very high class and well dressed. We have the variety of the male or female masserus. The age group of our male or female masseurs between 20 to 36 years. We provide services for In call and Out call Sarita Vihar Massage Services as well. We also give option to our customers the choose decent masseurs. In our Out call services customers has to call us for book the appointment of massage and masseurs. Our first priority is your safety and privacy. Our female masserus are very high class, so they will go only 5/7 star luxury hotels and in high standard rooms. Our female masseurs are very soft spoken. They also speak in English. All massaerus are very well dressed, so they are also expected the same of our customers as well.

You can also request the therapist to spend extra time on those problem area. All masseurs always follow the high standard rules. Our masseurs are very clean, so they also except from our customers especially in privates. They always follow the high standard hygiene and cleanness. We have lots of benefits to our customers. Massage help you reduce the stress level. A full body massage help you to improve your skin tones and also reduce your dead skin cell to your body. It may also help to generate tissues. A good massage helps to control your blood pressure and also reduce your sports injury. If you want to take a massage you should tell masseurs first. It is only for your safety. Any type of massage please make sure to have to tell your therapist and masseurs about your problem. The massage oil help to moisturize your skin and other benefits to your body. We are trying to give a secure and safe atmosphere. We never share our customers details to anyone. We make sure your budget is easily fits in our offers. We also provide couple to couple massage. We also provide a foot relaxing, head massage spa services. Our center is registered and safe. This will help you to get refreshed and prepare for the next challenge. Our all masseurs male or female both are very attractive and smart. We provide 24*7 Massage Services for your Sarita Vihar Massage. We provides special and private rooms for couple massage. Our special massage contain chocolate and fruit treatments. We surely do taking care of security, safety, privacy and full satisfaction of our customers. A couple massage give best connection to their partners. It’s also help to refresh their relationship. Our handsome and young male to female massager in Delhi. A good foot massage help you to improve your emotional and mental state. Foot massage also provide you relief your migration and headache. We have lots of type massage like Ayurvedic massage, biodynamic massage, medical massage, thai massage, Swedish massage etc. Ayurvedic massage is one of the most common and important ayurvedic therapies.

It has a main role of maintaining the immunity in human body. The other benefits of ayurvedic massage is reduce your pain. Biodynamic massage prefer to stand alone therapy. It is a combination of physical and energy work. We provide a hot stone body massage. Hot stone massage is very different to other massage. The stone are flat and smooth. Hot stone massage gives you relaxation and reduce your stress. Hot stone massage help to heat the body that cans our therapist work easily and quickly. You have to make sure that you don’t have any diseases. If you have any diseases please don’t take the massage. There are benefits of hot stone massage. It may also help to decrease cancer signs. Hot stone heat helps you to relax youyr muscles. It is help to improve your body circulation. Our body feel energetic through Hot Stone Massage. We provide Thai massage Sarita Vihar Full Body Massage. Our masseurs are very friendly and soft spoken. It is very different and best massage ever. Their dress code is very different. Our female masseurs are well trained. The Thai massage experience is so difference. After taking Thai massage, do not take shower and do not eat something for two hour. Customers have to consult to your doctor and expert therapist about your health condition. A Thai foot massage gives you to relaxation. It is also help to reduce your depression.


❁ Massage helps you to reduce the stress level.

❁ Massage may also reduce the depression and anxiety.

❁ Massage gives us the benefits like: better sleep, helps in concentration, reduce stress level, body feels energetic.

❁ A full body massage can relive stiffness and body pain.

❁ Massage helps to reduce migration pain.

❁ By massage tired and overused muscles feel relax and soft.

❁ A good massage also helps to reduce the sports injury.

❁ Massage increase the circulation of the nutrients and oxygen to reaches tissues and organs.

❁ A good massage may also control the blood pressure.

❁ Immune system functions properly by the good massage.

❁ Lymphatic system simulates the massage, which assist the immune system to protect the body.

❁ A full body massage helps you to improve the skin tone and also reduce the dead skin cells. It may also help to generate tissues.

❁ The massage oils provide moisturizer and other skin benefits to body. It may also depend on the kind being use.


If you have any kind of disease, pain and injury, before taking the any type of massage please make sure that to have to tell your therapist or masseurs about your problem. If you have any kind of the disease, pain and injury, please consult first with your doctor and expertise therapist. Our suggestion is that do not take any kind of massage if you feel ill. If you want to take massage please tell the masseurs first. It is only for your safety. Your safety and privacy is our first priority.

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